Ashen Silk

Scholar on the Run

Attribute Rating Attribute Rating Attribute Rating
Strength 2 Charisma 3 Perception 5
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 5
Stamina 2 Appearance 3 Wits 2
Attribute Rating Specialisations Caste/Favoured
Athletics 2 F
Brawl 0
Integrity 2
Performance 0
Presence 5 F
Socialize 2
Survival 0
Awareness 3 F
Resistance 1
Dodge 5 Ranged F
Larceny 0
Archery 5 Flame Weapons F
Bureaucracy 0
Craft (Alchemy) 3
Craft (Geomancy) 3
Investigation 3 C
Linguistics 5 C
Lore 5 First Age C
Medicine 3 C
Melee 0
Occult 5 Sorcery, Spirits S
Ride 0
Sail 0
Stealth 0
Thrown 0
War 2
Hesiesh’s Breath Acc 1 Close, +5 Short, (3 Medium, +1 Long) Dam +18 (don’t add Strength) Overwhelming 5 Tags Lethal, Archery (short), Flame, Slow
Parry 2 (Dex+Melee)/2 Evasion 5 (Dex+Dodge)/2
Resolve 2 Wits+Integrity)/2 Guile 2 (Man+Soc)/2

Willpower: 5

Limit Trigger: The Solar is faced with the opportunity to gain knowledge by harming an innocent or ignoring one’s suffering.

Fair Folk (Hate) – Minor
Knowledge (Love) – Defining
Heptagram (Resentment) – Major
Dragon Blooded (Hate) – Major


  • Martial Arts 4
  • Languages 2 (High Realm, Old Realm, Low Realm and common tongue for free)
  • Artifact 3 – Breath of Hesiesh
  • Resources 2
  • Suzerain of Endless Flame 2
  • Burning Name 2
  • Artifact 3 (Orichalcum Chain Shirt)
  • Manse 3 (Hearthstone – Monkey Stone)
  • Familiar 3 (Gen Satuss)
  • Unburnt Majesty
  • Familiar 3 (Barakala)
  • Eidetic Memory


Ability Name Type Duration Cost Effect
Athletics Monkey Leap Technique Supplemental Instant 2m Jump good. A Solar may automatically leap forward or straight up one range band. This Charm counts as the Solar’s movement for the turn. If the Solar continues to leap to a different range band each turn, the cost is reduced to one mote after the first activation.
Investigation Watchman’s Infallible Eye Reflexive Instant The ST will tell you if the case scene or profile character actions should be used, and vaguely why.
Investigation Crafty Observation Method Simple Instant 5m Can flawlessly reconstruct the events that lead to the physical evidence in front of you. Acts as a case scene action that takes place in a few seconds and has [Essence] automatic successes and double 9s on the roll.
Righteous Devil Style Blossom of Inevitable Demise Supplemental Instant 3m Apply double 10s to a decisive attack with a firewand, and allow it to reach medium range (if an aim action was performed).
Righteous Devil Style Cloud of Ebon Devils Supplemental Instant 2m Can reload or draw a firewand in the same instant as aiming or rolling join battle. If enemies are in close range you must succeed on a difficulty 2 (wits plus archery) roll first, unless you’ve successfully intimidated or chastised them this fight.
Righteous Devil Style Kiss of the Sun Concentration Supplemental Instant 3m Aiming dice are converted to bonus dice on a decisive damage roll, or bonus successes on withering damage rolls or precision-based gambits.
Righteous Devil Style Righteous Devil Form Simple One Scene 5m The first time the Righteous Devil enters this form in a fight, she may roll (Charisma + Presence + Essence) to intimidate all enemies or inspire them with an emotion of shame, guilt, or remorse as appropriate to their sins. Affected enemies take a penalty equal to the stylist’s Charisma on disengage, withdraw, or Stealth-based actions unless they pay Willpower to resist. Additionally, at the beginning of each turn, the Righteous Devil may reflexively aim against any enemy whose Resolve was overcome by the activation of this form, or by a similar influence roll made in combat (even if he resisted).
Righteous Devil Style Phoenix flies on golden wings Supplemental Instant 3m This Charm boosts the damage of an attack based on the distance it’s made from, adding +4 against an enemy at close range, +3 against an enemy at short range (and so on, if magic is used to extended the range of the attack). This bonus is added as successes on a withering attack or dice on a decisive attack.
Righteous Devil Style Azure Abacus Meditation Supplemental Instant 4m 1wp Enemies without benefit of cover gain no soak except from charms and magical effects (artifacts don’t count). Enemies under light cover half their soak. Enemies under heavy cover lose one mundane soak for each extra success on attack roll (max half soak), Enemies under full cover are unaffected. Once per scene. Reset by landing a decisive attack against an enemy in light or heavy cover and then build to 12 initiative.
Linguistics Whirling Brush Method Reflexive Instant 3m Can write a full-page letter or perfectly transcribe/duplicate something you’re observing in seconds.
Linguistics Flawless Brush Discipline Supplemental Instant 1m Can flawlessly reproduce/forge documents. Magic to detect forgery must overcome a difficulty equal to your (Linguistics plus Essence).
Linguistics Sagacious Reading of Intent Reflexive Instant 4m, 1wp Instantly upon reading a document can perceive and understand any intimacies of the author the document supports.
Lore Harmonious Academic Methodology Permanent Permanent - Add [Essence] autosuccesses to any Lore roll boosted by a speciality. Gain a new Lore speciality at the end of each story. Add a new known topic to your library after succeeding at any moderate or extremely difficult roll to introduce or challenge a fact.
Medicine Wound-Mending Care Technique Simple Instant 5m, 1wp 15mins to an hour of care. Roll Int+medicine with double 9s. Heal bashing or lethal health levels equal to successes. If more than 2hl restored gain 1wp
Occult Terrestrial Circle Sorcery Type Duration Cost Effect
Occult Spirit Detecting Glance Reflexive One Scene 3m Can see but not touch immaterial spirits.
Occult Uncanny Perception Technique Reflexive Instant - Whenever a spirit or the fair folk are nearby, you experience a characteristic and strange sensory phenomenon. This gives you Occult/2 (round up) in successes to an Awareness-based attempt to notice such a being.
Occult Spirit Cutting Attack Supplemental Instant 1m Can attack non-materialised spirits, at -3 if you cannot see them.
Occult Ghost-eating Technique Supplemental Instant 3m An attack supplemented by this Charm does aggravated damage against spirits, and draws a number of motes from the spirit equal to the highest wound penalty inflicted by the attack. Destroying a spirit with this Charm grants the Exalt (Solar’s Essence + spirit’s Essence) motes.
Occult Uncanny Shroud Defence Reflexive Instant 6m On the verge of death, the Exalt draws uncanny Essence around her like a shroud, stepping between worlds. When struck with any kind of damage or attack that would remove her last health level, the Exalt may use this Charm to stop the final level of damage. This Charm cannot be used if the Solar is currently on her last uninjured health level.
Occult Ancient Tongue Understanding Reflexive One Scene 6m While this Charm is in effect, the Lawgiver automatically speaks and understands Old Realm, even if it is not a language she has learned, but loses her ability to comprehend any other language. In addition, the Solar also naturally comprehends other spirit languages as old and strange as Old Realm, languages for which there exists little to no record. While this Charm is in effect, the Solar gains (half her Essence, rounded down, minimum one) automatic successes to all Occult rolls and shaping actions.
Occult Supernal Control Method Reflexive Instant Once per scene, the Solar may enact a free full Occult Excellency. This Charm may be reset by raising the Exalt’s anima to iconic and shedding it back to the dim level.
Occult Spirit Repelling Diagram Simple One scene 6m Out to short range, spirits of your essence or below must materialise or flee. Stronger spirits must resist the Solar’s Wits plus Occult with their Resolve, with the Exalt getting (essence) bonus dice against normal spirits and (essence) successes against demons and other cursed spirits. The diagram stays where it was formed and vanishes if the exalt leaves it. Spirits forced out of the diagram cannot attack people within it.
Occult Spirit Caging Mandala Simple Varies 10m, 1wp Invert a Spirit-Repelling Diagram, caging it around a target up to two range bands from the exalt. Roll your Wits plus Occult against a difficulty of the spirit’s Essence; if successful, the spirit is bound in place for (extra successes plus 1) rounds, and is visible and can be struck. Once the time expires the solar can roll Wits plus Occult again, but the difficulty rises by one each time the duration expires.
Occult All-encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight Reflexive Instant 4m The Exalt gazes into the Essence of the world and sees the patterns of magic that make up Creation. For a few seconds after activating this Charm, the Solar can see Essence flowing through the world. She can perceive immaterial spirits, but moreover, she can see the workings of spirit energies around her. If a character is using a shaping action or Evocation, the Solar may make an Intelligence + Occult roll at a difficulty of the effect’s Essence minimum to determine how the power works. This Charm may also be used to identify the presence of ongoing sorcerous effects such as mystical barriers and levitating platforms, revealing not only the presence of magic, but how it functions. This power also allows the Exalt to see places where Creation is thin—the borders of shadowlands and the Wyld appear as hazy, gauzy distortions of light. The Solar may also detect the entrance to spirit sanctums within her range of vision. This Charm does not reveal the working of the Charms of the Exalted.
Occult Burning eye of the deliverer Permanent Permanent This Charm enhances All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight, aiding the Solar in an attempt to see through magical disguises, shapeshifting, or any other magic which allows a character— even another Exalt—to appear to be something or someone other than who he is. This Charm makes it possible to notice such effects with Awareness, adding the Solar’s Essence in automatic successes to the attempt. For the difficulty of seeing through disguises, see page 224. Unless stated otherwise, seeing through all other kinds of magical identity-deceptions is a difficulty 5 feat.
Occult Sorcerer’s Burning Chakra Permanent Permanent The Solar sees all things truly. When she is at the iconic anima level, she automatically gains the effects of All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight for free. Furthermore, using Spirit-Detecting Glance in combination with All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight allows the Exalt to discern the nature and Essence rating of a spirit if she succeeds at an Occult roll with a difficulty of the spirit’s Essence.
Occult Spirit-Drawing Oculus Reflexive Instant 1wp, 3anima For one Willpower, she may cast off her anima, shedding it to the dim level. It dissipates, flowing out across the world in all directions, and every loose mote it passes is drawn back to the Solar. Roll a free full Occult Excellency of the Solar’s (Perception + Occult); successes on this roll determine how many motes the Solar is able to gather. These motes may only be used to power Charms from Craft, Investigation, Medicine, Lore, and Occult, or added to the mote total of a shaping action by the Solar. Spirit-Drawing Oculus may only be used once per day.
Spell Summon Elemental Ritual Instant 2wp After a four hour ritual the sorceror calls forth an elemental of up to Essence 3, and tries to bind it to their will by attempting to beat their Resolve with an Intelligence plus Occult roll. If successful the elemental will serve the summoner for a year and a day – it has a Defining tie of loyalty to them, and its resolve is 0 against any influence roll they make. On a failed binding roll the sorceror must make a Wits plus Occult roll, difficulty: Elemental’s willpower, to try and banish it again. This spell may only be cast once per day.
Spell Flight of the Brilliant Raptor (control) Perilous Instant 15-20sm, 1wp Roll Perception plus Occult as a decisive attack at up to long range (or extreme for an extra 5sm) with a bird of prey made of flame. The raptor has a base damage of (Initiative plus Temp WP)L, and resets you to base initiative on a successful attack. If the attack does at least 3 levels of damage, it ignites a bonfire that burns everything within short range of the target and burns until the end of the scene.
Spell Death of Obsidian Butterflies Decisive-only, Perilous Instant 15sm, 1wp She rolls (Perception + Occult) as an undodgeable decisive attack applied in a line against enemies out to medium range. This line is wide enough to strike all opponents within the width of a single range band and reaches high enough to strike aerial enemies who are at short range to the ground (medium range enemies in the air can still be targeted by directing the butterflies to fly along an upward path, rather than a horizontal one). Battle groups are especially vulnerable to being cut down by this spell, taking a -2 penalty to Defense against it. The attack deals raw damage equal to the sorcerer’s (Essence + extra successes), or (Essence + Occult + extra successes) against a battle group. It does not reset the sorcerer to base
Spell Stormwind Rider One Hour 15sm, 1wp The whirlwind can carry up to (Essence x 2) additional characters, or one hundred pounds of cargo in place of a single passenger. While it cannot soar as high as the Cirrus Skiff, the Stormwind Rider can travel at nearly 100 miles an hour and maneuver through forests or cities.
Spell Infallible messenger Until message is delivered 5sm, 2wp The sorcerer shapes a small, six-winged messenger spirit to convey her words to another character. The spirit flies with immense speed, capable of crossing hundreds of miles in an hour or all Creation in less than a day—only the boundaries between realms of existence will stop it from delivering its missive. Upon arrival, the cherub is visible only to its intended target, to whom it can deliver a message of up to five minutes in length before dissipating. Sorcerers can convey social influence through the Infallible Messenger, but cannot normally use their Charms to enhance the roll.
Evocation Explosive Exhalation Supplemental Instant 3m This charm supplements an archery attack at close range: if the attack strikes, the target is pushed back one range band by the burning cloud of flame.
XP Available Spent Total
Normal 6 48 54
Solar 8 67 75

Ashen Silk was a mortal scribe at the Heptagram. He would work to aide the sorcerors and those learning there by transcribing texts, searching for information and other such duties. During his time he learnt a lot including alchemical processes.

During his work he read many books and put together a lot of disparate facts and felt he had discovered the location of an unknown Manse dating from the First Age. He dutifully reported his findings to the sorceror’s of the Heptagram who told him he was wrong and that he should never mention his theory again.

He obeyed the orders but curiosity and a certainty that he was right got the better of him. During some free time he travelled to the location he had identified and found a way down into the earth. Deep under the earth he found a manse whose door opened at his touch.

The oppressive heat was an indication of this manse’s nature but the geometry and architecture made it far from doubt. Inside lava flowed through narrow channels of red jade and in the centre of the manse was a dais behind which stood an ifrit lord.

For two days the ifrit lord tested Ashen Silk and in the end found him worthy and bestowed upon him a boon of fire, branding his soul with knowledge of sorcery and how to use the flames of creation to power his spells. Also he granted a weapon, a red jade firewand named Breath of Hesiesh.

Though the elemental did not tell Silk of its history the weapon was crafted in the first age and wielded by one of the sun’s chosen until the usurpation when a powerful Fire Aspected Dragon blooded struck him down and claimed it for a prize. He in turn gave it as an offering to the fire elementals who had supported him. It had been under the control of the fire court until they decided to pass it on for reasons known only to them.

Then dragon blooded sorceror’s from the Heptagram arrived. They had known of the Manse as a place sealed by powerful magics in the first age when the Anathema were struck down and their places of powers sealed away. At first they feared that Ashen Silk may have knowingly or unknowingly lead one of the dynastic families to the forbidden treasures sealed away but when they arrived and found that one of their scribes had seemingly found his way in when they had been unable they decided he could not be allowed to live to tell the tale.

The ifrit lord disappeared at their arrival leaving Silk alone. As Silk stood his ground against the chosen of the dragons the manse was suffused by the light of the sun as he was chosen by the Sun as the fire elemental had known would happen. In that moment of Exaltation with the all the Sun’s power flowing through him Silk fought his opponents and escaped. One died to his fire while the others were trapped as he redirected the flows of molten rock and searing gases to prevent any from following him as he fled.

His old life had been forcibly ripped away from him. He would never be safe on the Blessed Isle again so he fled. He had no experience outside of the Blessed Isle but he had knowledge of much of the world. And inside the manse had been details of a matching manse far away in the south east. The information was cryptic at best but he was sure that the start of the journey was to be had somewhere around the city of palanquin, distinctive and unique in creation thanks to the four titans that stand holding up a portion of the city.

The head start he had was enough but barely. He travelled via Chiaroscuro and then east along the trade routes to Champoor to catch a ship to Palanquin.

Ashen Silk

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