Greenmaw bound to be Ash's bodyguard


These elementals are creatures of the deep forests and jungles of the East and the Southwest. Despite their vegetative nature, young greenmaws feel an overwhelming hunger for meat, and they seek out and consume animal matter—living or dead—with unrelenting vigor. Most perish at the hands of incensed mortals or wilderness gods, or under the fangs and hooves of underestimated prey. But as greenmaws grow larger and older, their appetite fades. Most of their elders have not troubled mortal communities in millennia, preferring to tend strange wild gardens and ponder philosophical conundrums.

The greenmaw’s body is thick as a tree trunk but green and flexible as a young vine. Its tail is a mass of prehensile roots; its head—rising from a ruff of leaves—has the sticky jaws of a venus flytrap, with a great honeyed tongue like a sundew. Galls dot the bodies of older greenmaws; these contain objects of metal or stone, like dinars or jewelry or weapons, which the creatures can neither digest nor remove unaided. The very eldest, which are monstrously large, contain treasures dating back to the First Age—or earlier.

Baby greenmaws are occasionally born from stray root fragments or from flowerings in forest demesnes, but a dying elder may give its life to create new elementals. Dozens of newborns erupt from its body, unleashing a greenmaw plague upon the region.

Essence: 3; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 8 dice; Personal Motes: 80
Health Levels: -0/-1×6/-2×6/-4/Incap.

Feats of Strength: 8 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats);
Resist Poison/Sickness: 9 dice;
Senses: 9 dice;
Threaten: 6 dice;
Tracking: 10 dice

Appearance 2, Resolve 3, Guile 1

Attack (Bite): 8 dice (Damage 19, minimum 2)
Attack (Tail slam) 10 dice (Damage 17)
Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (10 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 5 dice
Evasion 2, Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 10/3


Older greenmaws grow considerably in size as they eat more and more organic matter throughout their lifespan, gaining both higher Essence and increased physical mass. Eventually, they are capable of attaining the Legendary Size Merit possessed by creatures such as tyrant lizards (p. 573). However, these are generally the greenmaws least likely to cause trouble for human settlements.

Offensive Charms

Swaying Sundew Tongue (5m, 3i; Simple; Instant; Essence 3): A greenmaw may use the adhesive tip of its prehensile tongue to grapple an enemy or lift up objects. The greenmaw may double 8s on both a clinch attack roll and the roll to establish control using its tongue. It suffers no penalties while grappling an enemy on the end of its tongue, and may drag that enemy along with its movement without needing to take a restrain/drag action. If the greenmaw uses Thorn-Toothed Maw to savage an enemy grappled with this Charm, the Initiative cost is waived and each round of control remaining over the grapple adds one die to the damage roll.

Thorn-Toothed Maw (7m, 3i; Simple; Instant; Essence 3): A greenmaw may attempt to swallow an enemy whole with a decisive bite attack, doubling 9s on the damage roll. As long as it deals 3+ levels of damage, the enemy is swallowed alive. Within the greenmaw’s digestive tract, they must contend with its digestive acids, an environmental hazard with the traits of an acid bath (p. 230). A swallowed enemy may attempt to cut his way free with a difficulty 5 gambit rolled against the greenmaw’s Defense, but cannot otherwise damage the elemental while inside it, as the digestive tract is completely dissociated from its vitals. This may be bypassed with appropriate stunts, but the swallowed character must still contend with the greenmaw’s full Defense and soak.

Titanic Coils Crush (3m, 1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 3): When the greenmaw uses its coils to savage a grappled enemy, it doubles extra successes on a withering attack or adds them to raw damage on a decisive attack. This Charm is incompatible with Swaying Sundew Tongue.

Defensive Charms

Unbroken Root Endurance (4m, 1i; Reflexive; Until uprooted; Essence 2): The greenmaw may dig into the terrain with its roots to become almost immovable. It adds +5 soak and cannot be thrown or dragged in a grapple, but may not take movement actions without ending this Charm. If the greenmaw is hit with an attack or effect that would forcibly move it, such as Heaven Thunder Hammer, it may negate this by paying two points of Initiative per range band. If it does not negate all of the forced movement, this Charm ends as it is forcibly uprooted.

Voracious Flesh Feeding (—; Permanent; Essence 3): A wounded greenmaw may heal by consuming organic matter, new growth covering over old wounds. Whenever a living enemy is killed by its bite attack or dies while swallowed whole, the greenmaw rolls one die, healing levels of damage equal to the successes. Attacking a battle group made up of living characters also allows it to roll a die to heal. If it makes a slaughter attack against a fleeing battle group or devours a large group of helpless creatures such as a herd of cattle, it automatically heals two levels of damage.

Miscellaneous Charms

Prey-Tasting Premonition (8m; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 2): A greenmaw may add three bonus successes on any Perception-based roll to find living prey, whether this is an Awareness roll to notice a hidden enemy in combat or a Survival roll to track down the nearest human settlement. If it is attempting to find a character or group of characters suffering a wound penalty, the highest wound penalty is also added as bonus successes to the roll.

Thousandfold Serpent Strength (5m, 1wp or 5m, 4i; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 3): A greenmaw may make two rolls for a feat of strength and combine the successes from both as long as the nature of the feat allows it to take advantage of its powerful, crushing coils or its dextrous, adhesive tongue.



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