Circus trained Gryphon


Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice
Health Levels: -0/-1×4/-2×4/-4/Incap.
Fly: 11 dice; Feats of Strength: 7 dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats); Intimidating Growl: 5 dice; Senses: 7 dice; Stealth: 8 dice; Tracking: 6 dice
Resolve 3, Guile 2

Stats and Skills (Where derivable)

Strength 5
Dex 5*
Stam 6
Perception 4*
Wits 3

Brawl 5 – Attacking*
Awareness 3
Athletics 2
Stealth 3
Dodge 4

Attack (Bite): 11 dice (Damage 16)
Attack (Claw): 15 dice (Damage 12)
Attack (Grapple): 11 dice (10 dice to control).
Great cats cannot throw or slam grappled enemies.
Combat Movement: 11 dice
Evasion 5, Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 6/0

Special Attacks

Falling Fang Strike (Trained): A quoll-lion may jump down to
attack characters from short or medium range with a
single movement action, and takes no falling damage from
doing so. Each range band crossed adds one automatic
success to the damage roll of the attack. If the quoll-lion
ambushes an enemy in this way, the target instead take
damage equivalent to the falling damage for the distance
of the descent. All characters who witness the attack are
stunned by this sudden attack if they were not aware of
the quoll-lion, losing three points of Initiative. Falling
Fang Strike can only be used once per scene unless reset
by spending three consecutive rounds at medium range
above all enemies.

Death Dive: As long as the eagle is able to soar up to
long range from the ground, it may dive down at an enemy
with devastating force. The first time it moves down into
close range with an enemy while airborne and makes a
decisive attack, it may add four dice to the attack roll
and apply the double 10s rule on the damage roll. Once
it has used this special attack, it must regain altitude,
returning back to vertical long range before it can do
so again.

Swooping Descent: An eagle that flies downward to make
a decisive surprise attack or ambush against an enemy
adds two automatic successes to the attack roll. Note that
an eagle soaring high in the sky is generally beyond the
range of sensory detection for characters who lack superhuman sight, ensuring an ambush on first strike and providing the possibility of reestablishing stealth in combat
by simply flying higher than enemies can see.

Mauling Bite: When the great cat makes a savaging
decisive attack against a clinched enemy, it adds +4 to
the raw damage of this attack. It can receive this bonus
only once per clinch, unless reset by crashing the clinched

Wing-Rushing Strike : Flying predators may be trained to
add any extra successes on a rush roll that brings them into
close range with an enemy to the raw damage of their first
withering attack against that opponent following the rush.

Battle Cat: Great cats in the wild rely on ambush
tactics to take down weaker prey, and generally avoid
animals capable of fighting back against them. With training, they can be taught to defend against the tactics of trained combatants, adding +1 Evasion against any attack
made by an enemy with lower Initiative and +1 Evasion
against any attack made from medium range or further.
These bonuses stack.


Eagle Eye: While soaring high in the air, the eagle receives
five bonus dice on any visual Perception-based rolls made
to notice things, and can make out the fine details of far-off
objects even when it is flying potentially miles above them.
It also automatically succeeds on any roll to track a character while airborne, unless that character is employing
perfect track-covering magic.

Eagle Wing Rush: An eagle may rush enemies from long
range above them, as long as the horizontal distance
between them is still at short range.

Unerring God-Eagle Eyes (Magical): 5m- Triple 10s and Reroll away 1s. Can compete with magical stealth

Skills to Train

Peck Out the Eyes (Latent): Birds of prey or large ground birds
can be trained to forgo one level of damage on a decisive
peck attack to blind the victim for the duration of the
scene, savaging his eyes with their beak. Trivial opponents
are permanently blinded by this attack.

Predator’s Menace (Latent): Animals with an intimidate pool can
be trained with this attack, causing an intimidated enemy
to lose Initiative equal to the extra successes over his
Resolve, even if he pays Willpower to resist. Once per scene.

Leaping Pounce (Latent): If a great cat moves into close range
with an enemy of the same size or smaller and deals 5+
damage to it with a withering attack on the same turn, it
may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a grapple
gambit against its prey

Pouncing Shadow (Latent): Great cats may pay a point of
Willpower when they roll Stealth to ignore the usual -3
penalty for moving while concealed. In addition, each
turn it spends in stealth, it stocks a single die, up to a
maximum of three dice. On the turn that it breaks stealth,
it adds these dice both to any movement actions it makes
and to the raw damage of any grappling or decisive attacks
it makes

Iron Wings Carry (Magical, 3m): The eagle’s master
may strengthen it by spending three motes. The eagle
adds (its master’s Essence) to all rolls to establish control
of a clinch, and can grapple enemies of human size normally. In addition, it may carry even heavy weapons such
as daiklaves in its talons, which is useful in conjunction
with its disarm ability. Dropping a weapon (or other large
object) from a great height is imprecise, but potentially
devastating. The eagle receives only four dice for such
attack rolls, but the damage is equivalent to suffering a
fall from the height of the dropped object (although the
Storyteller may reduce or waive damage outright for
particularly small objects). The empowerment of Iron
Wings Carry lasts for a number of rounds equal to the
master’s (Essence x 2).



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