Big magic seahorse


These oceanic elementals resemble enormous seahorses, measuring dozens of feet from head to prehensile tail. Unlike their mundane equivalents, tidemares have enormous, brightly colored fins that shimmer with many brilliant colors, and can stretch out behind them in miles-long rainbow trails before retracting to their usual length. They’re inordinately proud of their fins, and spend much of their time preening. Gatherings of tidemares typically involve elaborate contests and games in which they form webs and labyrinths of colored streamers across miles of open sea.

Sorcerers and pearl divers alike bargain with tidemares for transportation, for when one wishes, it can distend its belly large enough to encompass a dozen mortals. Its belly is a glassy membrane through which others can easily pass, as if through a thick soap bubble, and within which the air is always as fresh and crisp as the ocean breeze. Tidemares can communicate with their passengers, though they tend toward gossip regarding other elementals and prattle about the magnificence of their own fins.

Essence: 2; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 5 dice
Personal Motes: 70
Health Levels: -0/-1×4/-2×2/-4/Incap.
Actions: Inspire: 8 dice; Senses: 6 dice; Swim: 11 dice; Tracking: 6 dice
Appearance 5, Resolve 2, Guile 2


Attack (Venomous spines): 10 dice (Damage 10 and poison when decisive, damage 1i/round,
duration 5 rounds, -2 penalty)
Attack (Grapple): 6 dice (6 dice to control)
Combat Movement: 11 dice
Evasion 4, Parry 3
Soak/Hardness: 5/0

Naval Combat

Speed: Underwater +1; intact fins +7; Five or fewer passengers +1; No passengers +1
Maneuverability: +2; Hull: -2/-4/Incapacitated

Available stratagems: Positioning, Escape, Ram, Concealment (can dive to do this in the open ocean).


Living Ship: A tidemare may swim tirelessly without need for rest or sleep. More impressively, it can carry other characters in its belly—up to about two dozen—providing them with the air and atmosphere they need to survive even as it plumbs the deepest depths of the seas. It travels at a pace of about twenty miles per hour. In combat, the tidemare is not treated as a mount, but as an individual character, though its movement actions also move all characters riding in its belly.

Depending on the scale of the battle, the tidemare’s belly may consist of one to three range bands itself, and enemies may move into it with a difficulty 5 gambit against the tidemare, allowing them to enter melee with its passengers or make unblockable, undodgeable attacks against the elemental. It is also possible to attack through the membrane of its belly from either side, though these take a -3 penalty.

Offensive Charms

Coiling Tail Strike (10m; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 1): The tidemare may add an automatic success to both the attack and control roll for a grapple. It cannot savage or throw an enemy clinched with this Charm, but may restrain/drag them as a reflexive action.

Defensive Charms

Billowing Veil Defense (5m, 2i); Reflexive; Instant; Essence 1): The tidemare obstructs an attack with its shimmering fins as a diversion, subtracting dice equal to its Appearance from the attack roll. Each time this Charm is used against a decisive attack but the tidemare still takes damage, its fins become shredded and tattered, lowering its Appearance by one until the damage from that attack is healed.

Mobility Charms

Prismatic Sea-Spoor Streamers (8m, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Eclipse; Essence 2): The
tidemare lets its glowing, rainbow-colored fins trail behind it for miles, leaving luminous trails under the sea. This can be used to confuse enemy ships chasing the tidemare in a naval pursuit (p. XX), subtracting one success from their roll at each interval. Alternatively, it can assist other ships in sailing through a hazard at sea that the tidemare has already navigated, adding three successes to their rolls if they follow the trail of light. The Storyteller should provide similar bonuses to reward clever uses of this Charm. Eclipses may use this Charm to exude a rainbow streamer from their anima, but its luminescence is only visible when the streamer passes through water.

Racing Sailfish Surge (4m, 4i; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2): The tidemare shepherds the water at its back into a surge that drives it forward, allowing it to move two range bands. In a test of speed or naval pursuit, this doubles 9s on the tidemare’s roll. Unlike other Simple Charms, this may be placed in a flurry. Once per scene unless reset by successfully disengaging while at Initiative 3 or less. Eclipses may learn this Charm, but can only use it underwater.



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