Uda of the Flashing Smile

God-bodied circus performer who wants the whole world to smile

Attribute Rating Attribute Rating Attribute Rating
Strength 5 Charisma 5 Perception 2
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 5 Wits 5
Attribute Rating Specialisations Caste/Favoured
Athletics 5 Feats of Strength, Running C
Brawl 5 Unarmed, Improvised F
Performance 5 Dance C
Presence 5 Earnest Requests C
Socialize 5 F
Survival 5 Blackbeak C
Awareness 5 F
Integrity 5 The Elderly, Creatures of Darkness C
Bureaucracy 5 F
Resistance 3 F
Dodge 1 While Dancing
Occult 1
Stealth 1
Archery 0
Craft 0
Investigation 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 0
Lore 0
Martial Arts 0
Medicine 0
Melee 0
Ride 0
Sail 0
Thrown 0
War 0
Panoply of the Wardancer Acc +5 Dam +10 Def 0 Tags Smashing, Worn, Brawl, Bashing
Parry 5 (Dex+Brawl)/2 Evasion 3 (Dex+Dodge)/2
Resolve 5 Wits+Integrity)/2 Guile 3 (Man+Soc)/2
Soak 6 (Sta+Armour) Hardness 0

Willpower: 7
Personal Essence: 22
Peripheral Essence: 54 Committed: 12 (5 artifacts+7 HPM) Free: 42

Limit Trigger: People who cannot be relieved from their misery
Limit Break: Uncontrollable Grief


  • Artifact 5
  • Familiar 3
  • Followers 2 – The Circus
  • Contacts 1 – Citizens of Footfall (Story)
  • Retainer 2 – Green Fang Scribe (Story)
  • Martial Arts 4
  • Mighty Thews 3
  • Languages: Old Realm
  • Fleet of Foot 4


Strength Type Name
Defining Principle I will prevent the power of the Unconquered Sun from being used for evil
Major Principle Everyone deserves to smile
Major Principle You too can have a body like mine
Major Principle The Solar Exalted have Heaven’s Mandate to rule Creation
Minor Principle The Immaculate Philosophy is wrong
Minor Principle Always try your best
Minor Principle The gods should be treated with appropriate respect
Minor Principle It’s rude to interrupt a performance
Minor Principle Sometimes the kindest thing is to punch someone’s lights out
Minor Principle The dead should stay in the Underworld
Minor Principle Our enemies are always seeking to corrupt us
Minor Principle We should make a world that brings people happiness
Major Tie Circus (Familial Love)
Major Tie Blackbeak (Parental Love)
Major Tie Ash, Blossom, Delun (Solar kinship)
Minor Tie Konda (Admiration)
Minor Tie Cordon (Distrust)
Minor Tie Babi (Irritation)
Minor Tie Unconquered Sun (Veneration)
Minor Tie Nellens Leraki (Respect for his skills)
Minor Tie Tepet Hera (I need to uphold my word to him)
Minor Tie The Most Favoured (Is kind of dumb for an old guy)
Minor Tie Moonlight and Reaper (Caution)
Minor Tie People of Palanquin (Protective)
Minor Tie Rama (Dislike)
Minor Tie FDD (Needs guidance)
Minor Tie Floating Silk (Dislike)


Ability Name Type Duration Cost Effect
Athletics Graceful Crane Stance Reflexive Scene 3m Perfect balance
Athletics Increasing Strength Exercise Simple Scene 3m+ Add up to Essence Strength
Athletics Lightning Speed Supplemental Inst 3m 1Sux + Reroll 5&6s on a Rush or test of speed
Athletics Racing Hare Method Reflexive 1 hour 5m, 1 WP Triple out of Combat movment. Double 9s on a Rush or test of speed
Athletics Monkey Leap Technique Supplemental Inst 2m Leap one range band, only 1m after first use
Athletics Soaring Crane Leap Reflexive Inst 3m Fall or glide two bands
Athletics Thunderbolt Attack Prana Supplemental Inst 4m, 1wp Short Range Decisive Attack. Double damage after roll
Athletics Thunder’s Might Reflexive Inst 5m Reroll all failures on Feat of Strength
Athletics Power Suffusing Form Technique Supplemental Inst 4m Add (Strength) Non-charm dice on Feat of Strength
Athletics Legion Aurochs Method Permanent - - Half price Excellency on Feat of Strength
Athletics Aegis of Unstoppable Force Permanent - - Reduce Feat of Strength Difficulty by 2
Athletics Nine Aeon’s Thew Supplemental Inst 1m, 1wp Can attempt any Feat with Double 7s
Brawl Fist of Iron Reflexive Inst 1m Reduce soak by (Ess+Int)
Brawl Ferocious Jab Supplemental Inst 1m Add Onslaught Penalty Dice to damage
Brawl Heaven Thunder Hammer Reflexive Inst 7m On Decisive damage success Prones and Steals 1i, knocks them flying at 3+Sux dealing Falling Damage P274
Brawl Thunderclap Rush Attack Reflexive Inst 3m Interrupt Initiative Order to make an attack at a Short Range
Brawl Falling Hammer Strike Supplemental Inst 1m Opponent’s Onslaught from you does not reset.
Bureaucracy Deft Official’s Way Reflexive Scene 5m Add (Bureaucracy) Dice to discover intimacies whilst pursuing a bureaucratic task
Bureaucracy Speed the Wheels Simple Indefinite 8m Resolve a Bureaucratic Project (Ess) steps faster
Resistance Ox Body Technique Permanent - - Gain -1 and 2x-2 HL
Performance Masterful Performance Exercise Supplemental Instant 2m 1 Sux and reroll away 1s
Performance Stillness-Drawing Meditation Permanent Instant - Regain (Ess) Motes after influencing a large group
Performance Phantom-Conjuring Performance Permanent - 1m Support any performance with phantasms
Performance Graceful Reed Dancing Supplemental Instant 1m Double 9s
Performance Battle-Dancer Method Reflexive Instant 1m Performance/2 to Parry, Evasion (or Resolve) when dancing (alone)
Performance Shining Expression Style Simple One Performance 2m, 1wp (Charisma+Performance) with (Ess) Sux vs Resolve. On success target recalls a Tie associated with the danced emotion and discusses/acts upon it. They are Guile 0 for the purposes of Read Intentions
Performance Respect Commanding Attitude Supplemental One Performance 5m Costs 1WP to leave performance, 2WP to interfere and attempts are capped at attackers (Charisma+Performance)
Performance Divine Prophet Manner Reflexive Scene 5m As Thousand Courtesan Ways but for Piety
Presence Harmonious Presence Meditation Reflexive Scene or Indefinite 5/7m 3 bonus dice on social influence. -1m cost for all inf charms
Presence Majestic Radiant Presence Simple Scene 6m Must spend 1wp to speak or act against the Solar
Presence Poised Lion Attitude Reflexive Instant 3m Use Presence or Socialise based influence on your turn without a Flurry
Socialize Motive-Discerning Technique Supplemental Inst 3m Read Intentions Double 9s, use Wits rather than Perception when speaking to someone
Survival Friendship with Animals Approach Simple Scene 3m Herbivores are calmed, predators ignore you
Survival Spirit Tied Pet Simple Inst 10m, 1wp, 1xp A number of buffs to the Familiar bond
Survival Beast-Mastering Behaviour Simple 1 week 10m, 1wp Reduce training times to 1 week and ignore spec requirements
Survival Bestial-Traits Technique Simple 1 week 10m, 1wp, 1xp Boost stats or skills after training. Reroll 1s on Test
Survival Familiar-Honing Instruction Reflexive !nst 4m Familiar gains Sux on (Charisma+Survival) roll as dice to a commanded action
Evocation Single Drum Sounds the Beat Simple Scene 4m See Panoply of the Wardancer
Evocation Dancer Leads their Partner’s Steps Reflexive Scene 2m See Panoply of the Wardancer
Evocation Ringing Steel Joins the Chorus Supplemental Scene 4m See Panoply of the Wardancer
Tiger Style Crimson Leaping Cat Technique Supplemental Inst 4m Rushes steal 1i and add extra Sux to attack
Tiger Style Striking Fury Claws Supplemental Inst 6m Add (Strength) extra sux to post-soak damage dice. Add as Sux if they disengaged.
Tiger Style Tiger Form Simple Scene 10m Double (Strength) extra sux on withering. No penalty while prone. Add (Ess) dice to Rushes
Tiger Style Celestial Tiger Hide Reflexive Scene 5m Add (Strength) Soak, (Ess) Hardness
Tiger Style Stalking Cat Movement Meditation Reflexive Scene 5m Provokes Disengages from Medium Range
Tiger Style Raging Tiger Pounce Supplemental Inst 4m Knock Prone and it costs 2i to stand. Or undodgeable attack on Prone target doing 1 dice bashing damage on withering
Tiger Style Iron Claw Grip Reflexive Inst 5m Double 9s on Control and add up to Essence sux from gambit role to Control rounds
Tiger Style Spine-Shattering Bite Reflexive Inst 5m,1wp Sacrifice 2hl on a Decisive to cripple foe’s ability to move requiring (Sta+Res) at (Str) Diff to recover
Tiger Style Prey-Maiming Frenzy Simple Inst 8m,1wp Add Strength Damage – Add remaining turns of control to starting initiative
Tiger Style Leap from Cloaking Shadows Supplemental Inst 5m,1wp Add Double 9s to attack rolls, better if they disengaged or were surprised. All doubles add 1 to raw damage.
Tiger Style Angry Predator Frenzy Permanent - +5m,1wp Upgrades Tiger Form- Rush Reflexively, Add (Str) extra sux to Decisive damage, add (Str/2) to Base initiative. And more.
XP Available Spent
Normal 4 92
Solar 29 108

Coached from infancy by her obnoxiously demanding grandmother, Babi, she has accentuated her bountiful natural gifts with uncompromising training, all to win the applause of the crowd. Now blooming into adulthood, Uda had begun to step out from her grandmother’s shadow, and as the star performer had started to take her place as a leader of the troupe.

When a Wyld Hunt burst into a cliff-top performance in a ruined amphitheatre the plucky young hero castigated them for disturbing the people’s revels. The dragonblooded of course would tolerate no such impudence from a mere mortal, but as an officer raised his daiklaive to strike, burning golden light erupted from her brow, and with a burst of solar strength she shattered the floor with a stomp of her foot, and dropped the hunters into an underground aqueduct.

As the cliffside began to collapse, an ancient complex hidden below was revealed and moments later destroyed as it fell into the sea. As one chamber was hit by the blazing sunlight after centuries of darkness, five radiant zephyrs erupted forth, and drawn to the brand upon her brow, slammed into Uda ,coalescing into golden bangles upon each limb and a delicate diadem.

Uncertain of what had occurred but terrified of the wrath of the dragonborn, the circus quickly packed and took a boat heading East towards the island of Palanquin

Uda of the Flashing Smile

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