Wilted Blossom falls from the tree.

Night Caste Assasin

Attribute Rating Attribute Rating Attribute Rating
Strength 4 Presence 1 Perception 5
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 5 Intelligence 5
Stamina 4 Appearance 2 Wits 2
Attribute Rating Specialisations Caste/Favoured
Athletics 5 C
Brawl 0
Integrity 5 F
Performance 0
Presence 0
Socialize 5 Lying F
Survival 3
Awareness 5 Ambushes F
Resistance 3
Dodge 5 Outnumbered , Ranged Attacks, Single Combat C
Larceny 5 Disguise C
Archery 5 Bows F
Bureaucracy 0
Craft 5 Alchemy F
Craft 5 Tailoring F
Craft 1 Fletching F
Craft 0 Artifacts F
Investigation 1
Linguistics 1
Lore 5 Politics, First Age
Martial Arts 0
Medicine 0
Melee 0
Occult 5 Sorcery F
Ride 0
Sail 0
Stealth 5 From Above C
Thrown 0
War 0
Entropies Razor Acc +Range dep Dam +12 Def 0 Tags Lethal range(long)
Parry 3 (Dex+Brawl)/2 Evasion 5 (Dex+Dodge)/2
Resolve 4 Wits+Integrity)/2 Guile 5 (Man+Soc)/2

Willpower: 10

Limit Trigger: The Solar is defeated due to the ill disciplined or I’ll tempered behavior of others


  • Artifact 3
  • Pure spirit cultivation 3
  • Quick Draw 4
  • Breath holding 1
  • Deep breath cultivation 5
  • Speak Language Old Realm, Low Realm, High Realm
  • Whirling Blossom of Shadowy Demise
  • Warded Sanctum
  • Backdoor to heaven


Ability Name Type Duration Cost Effect
Athletics Graceful Crane Stance Reflexive Scene 3m Perfect balance
Athletics Monkey Leap Technique Reflexive Instant 2m Can jump one range band
Athletics Crane Leap Reflexive Instant 3m Can fall two range bands
Archery Wise Arrow Supplemental Instant 1m -1 defence can shoot full cover
Archery Sight without eyes Supplemental 1 tick 1m No visual condition based penalties
Archery Force without fire Supplemental Instant 3m Withering gain no i but knock back and prone
Archery There is no wind Supplemental Instant 3m Can attack from extreme range, ignore penalties and always count as attacking from short
Archery Trance of unhesitating speed Simple Instant 4m 1wp Can make several decisive attacks at once.
Awareness Sensory Acuity Prana Reflexive One Scene 5m Double 9’s on awareness rolls
Awareness Surprise Anticipation Method Reflexive Instant - Offset cost of awareness charms to spot threats and can use awareness charms whilst asleep or unconscious .
Awareness Keen sight Technique Simple One scene/Indefinite 3m/6m 1wp +2 dice to spot threats + auto success at diff 2/3 one easier difficulty otherwise.
Awareness Keen hearing and touch Simple One scene/indefinite 3m/6m 1wp Heightens the senses of hearing and touch
Awareness Unsurpassed hearing and touch technique even better at hearing
Awareness Keen taste and smell technique Simple One scene/indefinite 3m/6m 1wp Heightens the senses of taste and smell
Awareness Awakening eye Supplemental Instant 5m 1wp Adds full excellency to join battle
Awareness Eye of the unconquered sun Simple 1 turn 10m 1wp Perfect stealth/disguise detection
Craft Craftsman needs no tools Simple One project 6m Mute can complete a craft project without appropriate tools and in moments.
Socialise Shadow over day Reflexive Instant 1/2m Raise Guile by 1 or 2
Socialise Guarded thought meditation Indefinite 4m Raise Guile by 3
Stealth Perfect shadow stillness Reflexive Instant 1m 1wp reroll stealth keep 10s regain wp on success
Stealth Easily overlooked presence Reflexive Indefinite 3m Won’t be noticed unless does something overt.
Stealth Mental Invisibility technique Reflexive Indefinite 4m 1wp Won’t be noticed unless attacks. Mute
Stealth Blinding Battle Feint Supplemental Instant 3m Roll dex+stealth for join battle
Stealth Guardian Fog Approach Simple Variable 3m add sux/2 + stunt to allies stealth roll. Mute
Stealth Wolf stalking technique Simple Indefinite 3m Gain i in stealth Mute
Stealth Recoiling snake technique Reflexive Instant 2_i_ or 1wp Reflexivly stealth
Stealth Invisible statue spirit Reflexive Indefinite 5m As long as don’t move are invisible, mute
Stealth Blurred form style Reflexive Indefinite 7m 1wp +ess success to stealth attempts always count as having cover, mute
Stealth Vanishing from mind’s eye method Reflexive Indefinite 10m 1wp Everyone forgets you
Stealth Sound and Scent Banishing attitude Reflexive 1 hour 6m Become undetectable to chosen sense.
Sorcery Invulnerable Skin of Bronze Spell One day 20sm 1wp +10 soak and hardness
Sorcery Mists of Eventide Spell Three rounds 7sm 2wp Creates poison cloud
Sorcery Infallible Messenger Spell Until message delivered 5sm 1wp Delivers up to five minute message
Sorcery Cirrus Skiff Spell Until Ended 15sm 1wp Summons a cloud to travel on
Sorcery Summon First Circle Demon Spell Variable Ritual 2wp Summons a first circle demon
Sorcery Corrupted Words Spell Indefinite 15sm 1wp Makes someone incapable of speaking on a certain topic.
Sorcery Stormwind Rider Spell Indefinite Travel at 100mph
Sorcery Travel without distance Spell Instant 25sm 2wp Transport yourself and Ess+1 people 10Ess miles
Sorcery Summon second circle demon Spell Instant Ritual Summon a second circle demon
Sorcery Impenetrable veil of night Spell One day 30 sm 1wp Creates a column of darkness -2dice to perception or awareness. Battle groups may rout.
Occult Spirit Detecting glance Reflexive One scene 3m Can see immaterial spirits
Evocation Slicing away Life Supplemental Instant 3m Leave decisive targets bleeding
Evocation No safety Lasts Supplemental One Scene 6m Difficulty 3 gambit reduce targets soak and harness by Archery
Evocation Hiding among the Dead Reflexive Variable 5m Roll wits+occult to reflexively stealth when suffer lethal damage
Evocation Touch of death Supplemental Instant 8m 1wp Poison people wounded by the shot
Larceny Flawlessly impenetrable Disguise Supplemental Until sleeps 6m Double 9 and 2 auto success on disguise actions
Larceny Seasoned Criminal Method Reflexive Indefinite - Can adopt various stances to infiltrate criminals
Larceny Spurious Presence Reflexive One scene 6m As long as behaving appropriately cannot be considered suspicious, adds +2 to Guile


Strength Type Name
Defining Principle Agreements are sacred
Major Principle Your secrets are precious
Minor Tie Mentor Respect/Love
Minor Tie Ash friendship
Minor Tie Uda friendship
Major Tie Delen Friendship
Major Tie Rama Friendship
Major Principle To act without thought or information is foolish
Minor Principle Patience is a virtue
Major Principle I will do what must be done
Major Tie Longs for fun and adventure
Minor Tie Resentment of mentor
Minor Tie Fear of the wild Hunt
Minor Tie Immaculate Faith (Doubt)
Minor Tie Purple Lady Professional Respect/Curiosity
Major Principle I will find out the truth about the Immaculate faith
Minor Tie Most favoured Respect
Minor Tie The Mandate of Heaven is immoral
Major Principle I don’t know my place in the world
Minor Principle Empires are unjust
Minor Principle There is no need to fight here
Minor Principle One should not let morals get in the way of correct actions.
Minor Tie Floating Silk
Minor Principle All Infernals must be purged

xp 0 solar 2 normal


Wilted Blossom was orphaned at an unknown age and taken in by the Coven of the five-fold soul. A secretive group of assassins who hold to a commitment to walk the path of the elements to enlightenment and to never break a deal once made. The master of course decided on which deals were made.

Semi-adopted by the master of the coven Wilted struggled to keep up with the training due the fact that many of the other acolytes were Dragon-Blooded a somewhat large advantage. Never the less driven by her devotion to her master Wilted was driven to excel and learnt sorcery and the art of poisons to attempt to make up for her other shortcomings. Eventually she attained some level of skill and began to leave on missions.

Which missions were accepted seemed to have no rhyme or reason but she travelled the realm killing who needed to be killed and returning. A trade which only increased in the wake of the scarlet empress’s disappearance. It was on one such assignment that she spotted her Powerbow resting in a museum maintained by a Dragonborn family. She was drawn to it and could not say why could so she took it and missed her mark in the process.

On one mission something went wrong and as she was bent over a body the lights came on and guards rushed from all around. Injured and cornered she Exalted and escaped in a rush of shadow born essence.

She returned to the coven confused and did not at first tell anyone what had occurred worried perhaps of the ties the coven appeared to have to the immaculate faith. She was then given her next mission and departed to Palanquin.

Wilted Blossom falls from the tree.

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