Blossom's Report

The mission to Palenquin is going poorly so far. Firstly there is the fact that I appear to have become an Anathema. I am wondering whether stealing the bow may have accidentally led to me stealing the power of a Demon. I have also met some other Anathema called Ash and Uda but they both seem quite nice rather than being evil stealers of divine power but then I suppose you would expect such beings to be masters of deception. I am attempting to remain vigilant but must confess that I struggle to think of either of them as evil.

In any case I think I need more information as something doesn’t seem to be quite matching up with the Immaculate philosophy, Uda claims it’s all bunk but I’m not so sure.

I finally started to achieve something towards the mission today by attempting to make contact with Setting Sun, we travelled up the statue to what appears to be a den of criminals driven out of the upper levels. I made contact with some local rebels who have hired us to look into something the sorcerers are doing, hopefully if we do this for them they will help me track her down. I had a slight argument with Uda over some dancing that was a bit upsetting but at least the demons didn’t cause any harm.

We followed the map to the evacuations which appear to be something shady which the sorcerer overlords are up to, and Ash summoned an Elemental to map out the cavern. It seems to only have one entrance, Uda claims she can get the doors to open by just singing and luring the guards out I’m highly skeptical this will work but I suppose it is worth a try. Shockingly it did but then I suppose Uda’s singing was very good. I slipped inside whilst the guards were distracted but can’t make heads ir tail of the strange cavern it looks like I will have to figure out some way to get Ash inside if we want to figure out what is going on.

We managed to take out the guards and stack them all unconscious before Ash started looking at the sorcerous device. He claimed that it seems to be some kind of working to animate the statue. We all decided this was a bad idea as it would probably necessitate the destruction of the city and magnify Ysyr’s sorcerous intentions so Ash set about dismantling everything. It really was quite interesting though how the working functioned as it almost implied that the statues had once been alive in a time before the first age.

Whilst I was keeping watch some mortal sorcerer managed to sneak up on me she apparently works for the friends of liberty. Anyway she took us back to her shop. I lagged behind slightly and finished off the unconscious guards they really had been far too much. It swiftly emerged that she had learnt sorcery from some demon book. Uda proceeded to tell her virtually everything repeatedly blurting out various secrets such as the fact we were all anathema or that I was an assassin. She seems incapable of any sort of discretion. In the future I think I shall have to just not tell her anything sensitive. Looking back I’m not sure how she talked me into telling her and Ash about the Fivefold soul in the first place I must have temporarily taken leave of my senses. Anyway then I tried to talk the sorceress into telling me where the revolutionary base was it was a total failure, likely at least partially due to the fact that my past putting down such rebellions had been so recently revealed, although I must admit the finer points of talking others around has always somewhat eluded me.

Just having some nice relaxing tea whilst we debate what to do next. I quite want to go and find the safe house but am uncertain that showing Uda where it is would be a good idea. I eventually managed to persuade her not to tell anyone it’s location however and we should be heading off soon.

So things just got weird firstly it turned out that the safe house was already occupied by the Dragon blooded wild Hunt which chased us down in palanquin. Even more our of the blue though there was some weird kind of Exalt who Ash claimed was probably linked to the stars who told me she had been sent by the guide and then tried to murder me. Fortunately my new status as an Anathema/Chosen of the Sun and her odd penchant for talking far too much meant I was just about able to evade her attack and then shoot her out the window. That did leave me in a very small room with a pissed of fire dragon though and he dinged me a fair few time before I was able to make it out the window.

Outside it seemed like Uda and Ash had run into the Water dragon again and were busy shooting up him and the strange lady who was now glowing purple. It seemed that Ash had got some revenge and fried him good whilst Uda had smacked the purple lady into the floor. Nellen’s (that’s what the water dragon is called no idea when Uda had time to get names) stubbornly clung onto life though, between this time and the time at the circus I’ve never seen anyone go down so hard eventually I was able to put an arrow in his chest whilst he was distracted fending off Uda though.

The shit really hit the fan when the purple lady surrendered though, if everything she said is true then I have been lied to my entire life and my Master is trying to kill me. I foolishly sent of a somewhat bolshy infallible messenger in a fit of rage but what I really want is to know what is going on. She disappeared somehow but not before telling us far to much assuring us we would forget afterwards, only Uda did so the jokes on purple lady she thought the immaculate faith was bullshit anyway and I’ve got her sparkly bow. I will find out whats going on though and there will be a reckoning for any lies which have been told.

After all this I will admit to being somewhat shaken so retreated for a fortifying cup of tea. Predictably our group glowing state swiftly put an end to this however as that sorceress Pallid Rama showed up and told us the guards were on their way.

Blossom's Report

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