Entropy's Razor

Appearance: a powerbow made of alloyed blue jade and soulsteel that seems to suck in the light and heat around it.

Damage: 12

Overwhelming: 4

Attunement: 5

Accuracy: Close -1, Short +5, Medium +3, Long +1, Extreme -1 (not normally possible).

Tags: Lethal, Archery (long)

Evocations of Entropy’s Razor

A Solar who attunes to Entropy’s Razor finds their vision guided to the weaknesses in those they encounter: pressure points, chinks in armour, exposed throats and so on. When the exalt attacks from stealth after aiming their attack receives an extra 3 dice to the attack.

Slicing Away Life

Cost: 3m

Prerequisites: Essence 1

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Supplemental, Instant, Decisive-Only.

Those tasted by the obsidian-lined arrows of Entropy’s Razor are not long for this world. If a decisive attack supplemented by this charm causes any damage the victim begins bleeding, losing 3 initiative (or 3L in Crash) at the end of each round until the wound is bound with a Difficulty 2 Dexterity + Medicine roll which cannot be placed in a flurry. This damage will never fill a character’s Incapacitated health level.

Hiding Among the Dead

Cost: 5m

Prerequisites: Essence 1

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: None

The exalt wraps themselves in the darkness and cold of the grave, removing all signs of life from themselves until they are no longer noticeable. This charm may be activated when the exalt suffers lethal damage, allowing them to reflexively roll (Wits + Occult) to reestablish stealth with a number of automatic successes equal to the amount of lethal damage suffered.

No Safety Lasts

Cost: 6m

Prerequisites: Essence 2, Slicing Away Life

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: One Scene, Decisive-Only

In order to kill a target, sometimes one must first kill the things that protect them. This action takes the form of a Difficulty 3 Gambit to destroy a target’s armour: if the gambit succeeds, the target’s soak and hardness is permanently lowered by the exalt’s Archery for as long as they commit motes to this charm.

Touch of Death

Cost: 8m, 1wp

Prerequisites: Essence 3, No Safety Lasts, Hiding Among the Dead

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Instant, Decisive-Only

The exalt peels a wafer of obsidian from the bow and fires it into their target, where it sends the ice of the grave spreading through their blood. On a successful Decisive attack the victim feels their death approaching: their wound penalties are doubled, and they take 1 lethal health level and lose 2i each round unless the shard is removed with a Difficulty 4 Dexterity + Medicine roll which cannot be placed in a flurry.

Entropy's Razor

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