The Breath of Hesiesh

A red jade firewand crafted in the first age.

Damage: +18 (do not add Strength to withering damage rolls)

Overwhelming: 5

Attunement: 5

Accuracy: +1 at Close range, +5 at Short, +3 at Medium, +1 at Long. Range is capped at Short and cannot be boosted by charms unless the charm explicitly affects flame weapons.

Tags: Lethal, Archery (short), Flame, Slow

A solar that attunes to this weapon immediately gains the Explosive Exhalation evocation for free.


  • Controlling fire
  • Force
  • Reflexes and speed

Explosive Exhalation

Cost: 3m

Prerequisites: Essence 1

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Instant

The Breath of Hesiesh rebukes those who get too close. This charm supplements an archery attack at close range: if the attack strikes, the target is pushed back one range band by the burning cloud of flame.

Flight of Crimson Dragons

Cost: 5m

Prerequisites: Essence 2, Explosive Exhalation

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: Instant

As Hesiesh soars across the sky, the Exalt points their firewood at the ground and takes flight on a trail of fire. This charm supplements a Disengage action, giving it double 9s. As the exalt soars momentarily through the sky they can ignore the extra actions or additional penalties imposed by difficult terrain.

Fire in the Blood


Prerequisites: Essence 2

Type: Simple

Keywords: Scene-long

The jade claws engraved into the firewand animate, digging into the exalt’s hands and drawing deep from their killing intent. Activating this charm deals 1 lethal health level to the exalt, but confers the following benefits:

  • The firewand no longer needs to be reloaded, working off the exalt’s inner fire instead of firedust.
  • If the exalt suffers damage from a foe in close range, the exalt may sound 3m to shoot out a jet of fire in an immediate unblockable counterattack. The counterattack uses a dice pool of Stamina + Integrity, and adds dice of unsoakable lethal damage equal to the damage the exalt suffered.

Living Flame

Cost: 5m, 1wp.

Prerequisites: Essence 3, Fire in the Blood, Flight of Crimson Dragons

Type: Simple

Keywords: Scene-Long

Jade scales shed and rain down as the fiery dragon contained within the firewand is freed. Wrapping round the exalt, the dragon regards the battlefield with glinting red eyes as they wait for the command to immolate. Activating this charm grants the following benefits:

  • The firewand no longer needs to be reloaded.
  • Flurrying an attack and another action no longer levies any penalty.
  • Withering attacks made with Hesiesh’s Breath add the Exalt’s essence to their raw damage, and decisive attacks ignore hardness and enjoy double 10s.
  • If the exalt’s anima is at the bonfire/iconic level, they may stoke the dragon’s flame with it to release a rolling wave of fire. This is a decisive attack that hits every character in an arc before them, out to medium range. Roll (half Initiative, round up) against each opponent struck. The area affected is also ignited, creating heat equal to a roaring fire for (character’s Essence) rounds. The exalt’s anima then returns to the dim level.

The dragon is hungry, however – each round the firewand stays in this form costs the character 4 motes. Once the charm is ended the dragon returns to sleep, growing a new red jade carapace, and cannot be woken up until it has been fed a prodigious quantity of firedust (resources OO in the South, OOO elsewhere).

The Breath of Hesiesh

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