Uda's Diary Pt 3

Session 25

So after a bit of faffing around we’ve decided how we’re going to divvy up seats on New Palanquin’s Council. BTW the name was not my idea- the others think it’ll help people feel at home. Anyway we’ve agreed we’re going to have one person from the upper city, one from the lower, a seat for the City God (Peridot is looking after it), a seat for the Architect-Savants (aka Tetchy in his humansuit) and of course me!

We’re sending word out to the other cities of the trade triangle that we’re here to stay and offering a great stopping off point for ships headed across our waters. We’re also quietly sounding out any suitable candidates to look after military stuff and maybe some sort of watch captain. Delun was pretty worried about the whole military gig, but since Xoc pointed out we just need to sink any enemies before they get here he’s looking a lot more confident. Blossom has squirrelled herself away somewhere and has been chucking out ballista to make the place look a bit more dangerous; Ash has disappeared off too, but I’m pretty sure he’s just reading his way through every book in the library.

Oh important news! Xoc told Delun there’s some sort of hip-bouncing ball sport that let’s you worship the Unconquered Sun just by playing your best. The arena is still being built, but as soon as it’s done then it’s game on!

We’re going to Champoor. Ash has agreed to Stormwind us over to the mainland so we can head in by the land gate and keep our identities on the down low until it’s time to throw down. The others still seem a bit worried about the whole ‘punch the dragon in the snout’ plan, but I’m sure they’ll come around.

Champoor is seriously dreary. It’s not like a cool, ’it’s midnight in the middle of the day’ dark, it’s just kind of murky and dingy all the time. Everyone seems really down and paranoid too. Ash says that it’s some sort of spirit’s curse (or blessing WTF?!) that’s made it like this. I’m going to go cheer some folk up, make some friends. Ash and Delun are going to sort us some rooms for our stay and Blossom is going to reach out to unsavoury sorts and see if she can get us closer to the dragon’s location.

I still got it. No glowing or anything fancy and the crowds still ate up my performance; I’ve got an appointment later to perform at some aristo’s mansion up on the hill, so fingers crossed that’ll gain us some decently placed patrons. Blossom has been disappearing off into god’s sanctums and making deals with shady sorts, so I guess a good afternoon for her too?

Okay, so maybe this performance tonight isn’t going to be so great. Apparently these nobles drink blood or something, according to the boys. They clearly haven’t enjoyed their time here because they’re both now signed up to team dragon-snout-punch. Delun seems pretty shocked at all the gods here leaning on people for ‘donations’. I think maybe he’s been spoiled by living on his little island so long.; gods have to make a living too Still I’m super looking forward to laying down the law to these guys and getting some sunlight shining down on this place. We’re going to be proper heroes!

Session 26

Headed off with Blossom to the party to do some more info gathering. She’s gone all out on my wardrobe this afternoon so I’m dressed to impress. Right now she’s looking like a wierd impersonation of Babi- it’s kind of freaking me out, but I guess it’ll be convincing. Delun said he was going to get some clothes of his own, but hopefully he’ll be along shortly.

Headed out to the estate and I’m not impressed. The location is nice enough, in the forest up on the hillside, but the whole place is looking a little bit rundown and the people look that way too. Going to have to dump half the costumes we brought or I’ll upstage the hosts and we can’t have that. Blossom also says that she thinks the place might be some sort of magic manse, but it’s so run down that it’s hard to tell.
LOL Blossom just persuaded the Butler that Delun was my ‘boytoy’. I guess he is kind of good looking if you’re into guys with rocking bods. (and let’s be honest- I totally am!) Anyhow he’s been told to stay in the staff tent whilst the party is on.

Well that went a bit off course. The performance went great naturally, but just as I was wrapping up, our creepy host whips out a dagger and goes to stab the boy he was dancing with. I thought it was his date, but apparently the kid was a sacrificial offering to some death god living in the well. Anyway suffice to say that Delun wasn’t having any of it and he saved the kid and then stabbed up the God once I made it show itself. Slightly bad news though, Blossom says that the spirit put a curse on him, so whenever he sails someone will die. Not sure I’ve ever seen Delun this angry before.

We had a sit down with the nobles and explained that things were going to change and soon plenty of them were letting us know about deals that they wanted to get out of. Most of them actually seem kind of fair to me, but they’ve totally ballsed up Champoor’s economy now and they can’t survive without the deals, so the gods are squeezing them for every penny. Anyhow we’ve decided to make an example of other spirits that are demanding human sacrifice; that sort of stuff can’t be allowed to fly. Not with unwilling sacrifices anyway. Some time when we were talking this stuff out Blossom vanished and now we can’t find her anywhere. Hardly surprising I guess.

Well Blossom just came back and apparently she found the Dragon, and some old dude with blue glowy powers and TWO MORE SOLARS!!! And they’re all hidden away on some sort of secret hidden island base with an inverted tower going under the sea… I didn’t quite get it but the important thing is we found more of us and they might be working with the bad guys. We’ve decided we’re going to send them a message and set a meeting.

So we went out to an old folly in the forest where a showdown wouldn’t cause any trouble and then set up a nice dinner to share with our guests, but then instead of the solars the old guy shows up. He seems pretty chill and just asked for Blossom to give back the stuff she nicked before he sat down for tea. Seems like he’s a chosen of Venus, who is one of the Maidens and thus big deal. Going to see what he has to say about this whole benighted city deal.

BLOSSOM IS A COMPLETE BITCH. SHE FUCKING POISONED ME! I’m so mad right now, I don’t even. All because the old guy reminds her of her stupid Guide who she wants to be her daddy, and now because he’s grooming those Solars just like she got brought up wrong, she goes to poison him and puts it in all our tea. Now he’s disappeared, she’s disappeared and I’ve got POISON TASTE IN MY MOUTH!

Gonna find her before she murderises him and have some serious words. SERIOUS. WORDS. Running off to find Ash now- hopefully he can spot this island with his special magic eyes.

Session 27

We found Ash and let him know the situation, then we all ran for the docks as fast as we could. Ash managed to spot the place with his magic eyes but apparently you had to get into it in a special way because it’s in a hidden spirit realm or something. Didn’t really understand the whole spiel but the long and short of it was that we needed to go deep underground and then come up again if we wanted to be able to get there. Trouble is we weren’t super confident that we’d be able to make the same swim Blossom did (particularly not Ash, cause he doesn’t swim much)- so I sorted it out by making a well right by the edge of the sea so we wouldn’t have so far to swim. Pretty smart right?

We made it to the other side no problem. Then Ash said he could do some magic to get Blackbeak through, which was handy because that much swimming would definitely get him all bothered. Apparently it was really tricky to do, but it just looked like Ash grabbing his talon and giving it a tug so I don’t know what the complicated bit was. Anyhow we were soon met by a couple of the guys living there and they took us in to meet everyone.

We got brought in to the big mess hall they’ve got down their weird reverse tower and meet up with the old man and his two solar students. The woman is another Dawn like Delun, except it seems like she used to be a bandit and the older guy used to be a merchant. Apparently they both got chosen in the middle of a scrap between their groups, so that must have made for an exciting afternoon! Konda (who is apparently an Eclipse, which I guess is better than Night, but still sounds a bit dodgy to me). is working on making connections all over the place and Comet-no-longer-a-bandit is getting taught some sort of fancy martial art. They’re going to show us a demonstration now.

Okay well that’s just nonsense. Comet and Delun squared off and then she just sort of shifted into looking and fighting just like him. I mean it’s kind of impressive magic I guess, but it isn’t exactly going to help her to realise her own potential if she’s just pretending to be other people….think I’m going to have to let them know what’s what.

Well Cordon has a pretty damn high opinion of himself- apparently he can teach us everything we need to know and I’m being foolhardy in suggesting that they should be out there doing good instead of cooped up here learning magic that ain’t any more impressive than what we worked out whilst we were fighting the good fight. Think I managed to get through to the new guys, but it’s become pretty obvious that Delun and Ash need a confidence boost too.

Delun is still wringing his hands over could’ves and should’ves, worried that we might not get the perfect outcome and people might get hurt ‘cause we don’t know enough. to do our jobs. I think he wants someone to hold his hand and tell him he’s doing the right thing, maybe cause Meixia was always the smart one in their family. I should talk with her too when we’re back; make sure she’s giving him good advice.

Ash got really sour with me. I guess maybe because he had a soft life before all this and likes spending all his time with a nose in a scroll anyway. Ain’t no surprise then that he likes the idea that we should all be doing that instead of being out there taking risks. Of all of us he’s been hurt bad the most, so it’s not like he’s got no reason to be scared. I need to make him understand that getting hurt is all part of getting stronger. Maybe I should tell him how many times I broke bones getting where I am now.

No sign of Blossom anywhere. I convinced Cordon to let his students out into the city to train whilst actually doing some good in the world.. Hopefully whilst they’re all out and about Blossom will try to job him, then we can jump on her and I can give her a proper shouting at. Apparently there’s a girl (13yo WTF?!) who was Chosen too who is a Night like her- I’m slightly worried that Blossom might have kidnapped her- I mean small sneaky girl being taught in a secret society run by an overbearing, self-righteous old dude. It’s probably like looking into some sort of magic time bending mirror.

Once you get Konda talking he’s a pretty interesting guy. I agreed that we’d leave Champoor to them to manage, just like we’re running Palanquin. He says in five years he’s expecting us to have control of the whole East and South. Now that’s what I’m talking about, finally someone who believes that we should be getting out there and doing whatever it takes to put things right. I wish I could’ve talked to the Supreme Sorcerer, maybe she felt this way too.

However you cut it I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me. I just wish the others could have seen the Sun like I did.

Session 28

So whilst Ash and the old geezer hid away to chat about boring stuff, Delun and I headed out to see if we could track down the froggy god that cursed him. We were told that it would be best to ask around the docks, so we headed down to a tavern and a couple of drinks got us a line on a priest who could apparently sort us out with a meeting.

We made our way to see the guy without any problems, Blackbeak handily spotted some dodgy sorts on our tail, but a stern look sent them packing. My eye in the sky also spotted some fancy sorts heading out of the priest’s place so I had them tailed in case they were up to anything interesting.

People in this town know how to spot a winning horse when it wanders by. Delun didn’t even have to get shirty with the priest to get him to give up his god. He’s going to do a ritual to get us into its sanctum later which, fingers crossed, means we can get this all sorted out without too much trouble.

We decided to head down to the coast whether the god has its hidden cove. Handy cause that’s where the fancy folk had headed too. We had a chat with them and it seems that the boss is a guy called Kasim who works with the Guild- not exactly trustworthy since he’s clearly trying to get his fingers in the New Palanquin pie, but still he could be plenty useful for getting ourselves set up. We’ve agreed to meet up with them this afternoon for another chat.

Om nom nom venison. Done some hunting in the forest by the lodge and Delun’s bagged a buck to offer as a sacrifice later. Kasim and the Dame rolled by and we had a bit more of a chat about how we could help each other out. I can’t really get a good read on him, but as he tells it he seems a pretty stand up guy for a merchant prince. Apparently he helped get people out of Thorns when the Deathlord invaded, and now he’s come down south to make a new home for himself. I’m goiing to set him up with Konda and the two can probably spew numbers at each other until something great happens. Once he’s done here Kasim is gonna head on to Palanquin and see what the Guild can do for us (if we let them!)

Chatted a little with the Dame before she headed off. Apparently she has a major hate on for the death exalted because of Thorns (I think). She’s some sort of Chosen herself, but she’s a bit mysterious about who picked her- anyhow she’s got some sort of cool scythe that she took off a Deathknight so I guess she’s kind of a badass.

Heading down to the beach for our meet with the god, Blackbeak spotted Pallid Rama coming into the city. Tailed her to a cafe but when we tried to get close enough to here who she was talking with they straight us vanished in a burst of magic. Shitty shit shit, that was probably our best chance of finding Blossom before she puts an arrow in someone. Definitely not super pleased that Rama is now around to give her more bad ideas. Still Blackbeak did great to notice her at all, so it’s time for some tasty treats come the end of the day.

God sorted! Delun gave it the soft sell about all the benefits of getting with the new regime and I just stood looking ready to stomp face if it chose the wrong path. Thankfully it seems pretty forward thinking so now we’re spreading the word of enlightenment throughout the city. Either people accept the Sun’s way of doing things or else it’s torches and pitchforks time. Starting to make a list of troublemakers so we can grab Comet and Konda and have a joint facesmashing outing soon. That should be fun.

Session 29

No sign of Blossom for a full week now. I’m sure she’s making preparations or something but I think the real take away here is that assassinations are super boring. We’ve had a few trips out into the city for more ecumenical (thanks for the word recommendation, Ash!) discussions, but everything seems to be in hand now, so if it weren’t for Blossom we’d be on our way home. Delun is starting to get antsy about being away so long- he’s worried someone will move in and wreck the joint whilst we’re not there.

Ash exchanged messages with Blossom and apparently she’s planning a heist now? Sounds like a fib to me.

Ooh, Ash has learned a spell for making a magic dancing bird. As a side benefit the bird can find people, so we’re going to let it lead us to Blossom. I’m a bit suspect that it can do better than Blackbeak, but I guess it is magic…

Nope it can’t find her either. Still apparently it got us close before getting confused, so I reckon it’s worth a try to have a hunt for her. The others think I’m wasting my time- they’re going for a wander to see if there are any Shadowlands around that need investigating. Guess we’ll see who’s right soon enough. Spoilers, it’s me.

Yay, my spoiler was right! I did a bit of a dance number and smoked Blossom and her pal right out of the woodwork. No one wants to hide in a cellar when they could be out and dancing. Blackbeak’s eyes in the sky were able to pick out someone acting a bit suspicious and then when I went for them someone else (who turned out to be Blossom) tried to warn them. Anyhow I almost had her that time but she magicked her way out of there before I could get me hands on her. On the plus side I did capture her pal- turns out it’s that girl Cuckoo that Cordon mentioned. Seems she’s managed to get Blossom completely sidetracked by plotting to steal from the richest god in the city. She took us to where Blossom was hiding- looks like she left in a hurry cause we’ve grabbed lots of her alchemy and magic doodads.

New message in from Blossom- she’s invited us to host her for a meal. Guess she doesn’t want us to think she’ll poison us again. This gives me the perfect opportunity to poison her right back and make things even. Once again the others don’t think I know what I’m talking about. SIGH. Hmm, which of us actually has professional experience in turning skittish, temperamental predators into useful partners. Oh it’s me!

She brought Pallid Rama along, and I’ll be honest I think maybe she’s a better influence on Blossom than I gave her credit for. She does keep on advising her not to do crazy things. Then she ate most of Blossom’s poisoned venison meal just to show off, which I kind of respect too.

Um oookay, so Rama is a chosen of the King of Hell who is using the stolen power of the Unconquered Sun to force her to smash stuff. And apparently the death exalted are also using our stolen power. Sooo, bit of a big problem there. Now Rama doesn’t seem to be on board with the whole, ‘smash Creation and kill the gods’ plan but apparently some of her fellows are pretty down with it, so seems to me like we need to work out how to un-greenify her exaltation and get them all back under the Sun’s control. Better work out how to get to heaven, cause I think we need a meeting with the Boss.

Session 30

Once Rama was gone we had a bit of a chat and decided we were all aboard for getting to heaven to try to do something about these corrupted exaltations. Even Blossom has agreed to play nice with Cordon so that we can get his help with the mission. Probably helps that she’s a bit shellshocked that her crush is a secret servant of hell.

Spoke with the old geezer and after a bit of prodding managed to convince him to help us out with the mission. He was super upset about the whole hell/death-solars thing, so it didn’t take too much weedling to work out that he’d get onboard so long as we made it sound like we were going to take things slow and careful. He told us that the god of Exaltations, the Right Hand of Power is currently under house arrest in Yu Shan for not playing ball with the evil star exalts. So clearly he’s the guy we need to talk to. Apparently the dragon of secrets knows a hidden way into heaven so she’s our next stop.

Boom! Dragon onside. Turns out that Queen Tep has always wanted to help make the shadows to recede and light return to the world, so being our ally is just what the doctor ordered. My rendition of the passacaglia of weeping shadows showed me a bit more of the others than I was expecting too. Will have to have a think about how to handle that.

Before we can go to heaven Blossom needs to finish whatever crazy ritual she’s doing to her shadow, so we’re going to head back to New Palanquin for the time being and make sure that everything is okay there.

Looks like we just missed some sort of wyldstorm- there’s sparkly dust all over everything and in the air. Delun says this sort of thing happens every so often in the Dreaming Sea. Gonna wear some as makeup :D

Okay, this stuff is a bit trippy. Whoops! Having a sit down whilst Blackbeak scouts out the city. Oooh tiny dragon-lings are scurrying about now. Will have to give congrats to Nox and the rest when we next meet up. Guess they’re going to have their hands full looking after that lot for a while.

Looks like the circus made it back in one piece. Apparently they’ve been doing a new act based on my story! It was super great to sit down and see all the people trying to play me – so enthusiastic! I had some tips of course; helped get them on point that this whole this is supposed to encourage and amaze people and make them love the sun. Babi I’m sure just wants to sell tickets- and that’s fine, but if she wants to use my story she has to do it right!

The others just got here to take in the show. Blossom has managed to get her shadow talking now! Apparently it’s called Shadow Blossom. Wow. Still I’m sure we can come up with a better name for her soon. Apparently she’s like a doorway to a space big enough to fit three Creations in, which seems like a bit too big for my liking. I mean if you make it that big, isn’t it likely that the edge of it is going to bump into creation?!

Ash says that his furry stone has broken, which means that something’s probably happened over at the statues. We’re going to have to find out what, cause we can’t really go haring off into heaven if those big fellows are going to come back here and wreck shit.

Session 31

We’re off to heaven! Agreed with the Queen that we’re going to be quiet as possible and find another way out of there if we get made. Apparently we need to look for Gate 37 and it moves around inside Yu Shan. Sounds exciting, maybe it’s on the back of a giant Yeddim or something!

We’ve arrived in the slums and it’s mansions as far as the eye can see. Sure there are gods begging in the street but it doesn’t look like they’re actually sleeping rough. It’s good to see that things in heaven are better than on earth.
Blossom stole some ambrosia from one of the fountains so we have some spending money here. I’ve made sure that understand that the stuff is supposed to be for the gods not them but Blossom said it was super delicious. I’m wondering if it would be okay to have a taste if I send a load of prayers heavens way….ooooh temptation!

We took a river boat towards the Right Hand’s house and met up with a nice war goddess who pointed out the sites as we went past. Seems like the gods are happy enough to believe that we’re guests of some hobnobs who wants to keep his mortal playthings on the down-low. As in creation so in Heaven I guess, people get shady about dating below your station.

Aaargh shit-cakes! That was seriously bad luck- we just bumped into a bunch of the star exalted and one of them was that purple lady who they tell me tried to kill Blossom back in the dragonbro’s safehouse. She must have spotted me or Ash cause she sent her hotty friend to come yammer at us whilst we were browsing the stalls. He actually gave me the cold shoulder at first to hit on Blossom- bad move buddy! If I was out of his league that’d be one thing, but looking like that he should’ve come to me first. Sure he flashed me a smile and some sweet words later; offered us both a trip to his pad for a fun evening, but too little too late. Anyhow Blackbeak spotted that purple girl was coming back to get us so we slipped out the back and then when we couldn’t shake her I grabbed Ash and let the river take us to safety.

Once we were clear, we slipped back into the neighbourhood before the star chosen could summon too many of the liondogs to the area. We managed to slip into Lytek’s house by hopping over the walls of the neighbouring estates- seems luck was on our side because there was robbery on the other side of the street that drew all the guards away. Anyhow it was no problem getting in and we were soon sitting down for tea with the Right Hand of Power.

Long story short, Lytek can’t fix an exaltation whilst it’s in someone, so if we want to purify the stolen power we need to gank the demon/death chosen and then catch the spark before it flies back to the big bads. Luckily Lytek says we should be able to get a lantern from his buddy over in his offices and that’ll do the trick just fine. Bad news for Blossom though- it’s not looking good for Rama if we have to kill her to remove the nasty demon taint.

Session 32

We stayed a little while at Lytek’s and then headed out for the Bureau of Heaven, looking inside it for Bureau of Abstract thingygummies which is where the office of Celestial Exaltations is situated. We need any excuse to roam around so we whipped up some invitations to a party the Cerulean Lute using Floating Silk’s name to make us seem legit.

On our way through the bureau we came across Ahlat, War God of the South and Sunipa the War god of the East having a row about who should get to manage wars in the South East. Guess they’ve realised that the area is hotting up, but fingers crossed it won’t matter- we’ll deal with our enemies before they get a chance to make war on us!

Reaching the office we spoke with Lakesha, who after we showed his seal was happy enough to part with the magic lantern thingy. We’ve got to be careful though, cause it can only hold one at a time, and we don’t know how to empty it. Need to be sure we kill one of the tainted solars sharpish or we might pick up an unwanted passenger. She pointed us in the direction of the Golden Barque, where Gate 37 is located and sent us on her way. Apparently we should pray to her before acts of heroism; seems like a good plan to me!

Before leaving we decided it might be interesting to stop in at the party in the Cerulean Lute. I’ll be honest I think Blossom and I just wanted another look at blue mcprettyboy, but it also seemed like a good opportunity to do some infogathering before we left Heaven – test that waters a bit about how the gods feel about us. Delun came along to make sure we wouldn’t get into trouble. Typical sourpuss.

Okay scratch the above- Delun took one swig of celestial beer and then got absolutely ratfaced. Now Blossom has disappeared off somewhere and I’m trying to get something productive done so that Ash doesn’t scowl too much AND babysit Delun before he spills everything to those yellow star chosen sailors he’s schmoozing.

Okay, welp we’re gonna be leaving soon! I was working the room and then got into a bit of an argument with a red chosen about how good it was the solars were back. She got in a huff when she couldn’t win the debate and then couldn’t handle being needled either. Grow a thick skin, lady. Anyway she called me out and I kinda thought that it was time to remind folks that the chosen of the sun are the greatest force in creation and heaven alike. (Technically aside from the Sun, I guess, but I don’t think he’d mind my saying that).

We took it outside, stretched a bit, let the crowd feel the tension and then I ended it before she knew we’d started. Leapt in and landed it perfectly- it felt just the same as when I hit the dragonbros girl pal, but now I’m even stronger. She just flew and flew until she smashed into the bit red barracks off in the distance. Didn’t let them see how surprised I was though; I span round and worked the moment, let them know the score. We’re creation’s best hope and anyone who gets in our way is going to get moved. I think the point settled in pretty well.

Delun ran off to make sure I hadn’t killed her and I tried to get Blossom, but then a bunch of Celestial Lions showed up and asked me to leave. Didn’t want us getting jumped on by all the Star Chosen whilst on their patch I guess. Anyhow it turns out that Blossom was busy doing the nasty with mcprettyface and didn’t want to be disturbed. Urgh. I can’t believe she’s so naive; he’s clearly playing her- Babi always warned me about people like that. I guess Blossom didn’t want to face the truth though cause she sent Shadow out to tell me to get lost. Well fine, we’re leaving- don’t blame me if all blueboy’s friends kill you when you’re all tangled up in bed. Idiot.

Session 33

Delun and I went into gate and it was like this wierd crystally tunnel thing, which was kind of cool. We waited for me to get a bit more glowy and went through and ended up in a cave. Delun and BB had a look outside- we’re in the middle of a big estate, tucked behind a waterfall. The lions stationed here say that we’re in Kamthahar, so I guess it’s a bit of a trek from the Dreaming Sea to heaven. We’re gonna sleep here and wait for Blossom.

So Bloss showed up looking smug, like it wasn’t obvious why the guy was interested in her. Urgh. Anyhow we’re going to have a bit of a poke around the city and find out what the army stationed outside the city is here for.

Chatted with some nob from one of the ruling families about the situation and it seems they don’t know too much about Realm politics. Also found out that these dragonbloods think they’re actually gods. Think I’m going to have to put the record straight once we’re done sorting out the cities a bit nearer us- can’t imagine the gods are happy with the lesser chosen getting so uppity.

Blossom snuck into the army camp and it looks like they’re planning some sort of jungle expedition. They’ve got people cutting a path through the trees and they’re moving to get all their supplies sorted. We’re thinking maybe they’re after one of the moon chosen who lives up there. Blossom says that Nelly and Hera are down there so we’re gonna see if they can shed any light on things.

So chatted with Nelly (who seems in good spirits) and they are indeed heading north to fight this Ma-Ha-Suchi. Apparently he has a host of beastmen and he raids the lands of the Tepet family so they’re heading off to fight him. Not sure if that’s the whole of the story- maybe this fellow is just defending his forest. Maybe his gift has been corrupted by the demons or the dead. Sometime we should go find out.

We’ve had a bit of a chat about it and decided we’re gonna head back to Champoor- Blossom says she saw a death-chosen there and I want to kill them and fill up the lamp as quick as possible. It’d be super embarrassing if we ended up catching a star or moon chosen in there!

Session 34

We stormwinded over to Champoor and then split up to look for the deathchosen. Delun went to find Kasim and his wierd bodyguard, but it turns out he’d already sailed off to New Palanquin. She’d apparently hung around though- probably after the same quarry given her massive hate on.
Blossom went to the place she’d last seen the deathchosen, some sort of bank, and apparently the place was in some disarray and the entrance to the god’s hideyhole had vanished.
I just asked around for the guy, and soon enough people were telling me that the badguy had cut a bloody swathe through the noble district before one of the Sun’s chosen stepped in. Sounds like Copy-Cat-Comet gave him a taste of his own medicine and he ran off.

We checked in with Corlon who gave us the whole blah blah blah about not making too much noise before the time was right, but even he was down with us dealing with the death exalt, so we grabbed some supplies and headed on out to follow the tracks. Delun and I took care of the legwork whilst the rest took it easy on Blossom’s cloud and kept an eye out.

We spotted Lady Crimson in a village en route so headed there with max speed. Turns out that the whole place was frozen solid- even the people! Horrible. Delun said he thought it might even be possible that they were alive in there so Ash stayed behind to look after them whilst the rest of us Stormwinded straight after the murderous scuzzbucket who dunnit. Crimson apparently has snuck an eye into his bags or something so she can follow him. Must be a sorcery thing I guess or some magic of whoever chose her. Seems wierd and gross either way.

Hot on the guy’s trail now. Had to dismount to track himd cause he’s baffled the eye magic., but we’re pretty damn close. He’s on some sort of bonehorse so running him down won’t be easy. Oh damn, he’s bolted. Run run run!

Managed to catch him just as he reached some sort of jungle city. The place is definitely wrong- sometimes it seems bustling and other times it’s creepy and dead. Anyhow time for me to throw down the beats of war and keep the guy busy until the others arrive.

Grrrrr! The deathchosen knows how to fight, and now he’s getting help from some sort of horrid ghost queen. Everything’s dark and creepy and I can barely see the monster well enough to block him. Soon though, soon he’ll venture back into my light then I’ll tear his chest open and give his heart to the Sun.

Session 35

Argh! He clipped me! Then Blackbeak dropped Delun down on top of him and whilst he was bleeding from a thousand cuts, Dame Crimson smashed him off his horse. I heard him hit the dirt and broke his neck before he could get up, just like how BB finishes a sheep. Urgh, still can’t see a damn thing.

Heard the twang of Bloss’ bow and the ghost queen wailed like…well a hurt ghost, I guess. Anyhow I could feel her trying to run; not on my watch! I burned her away with the sun’s light and the dark burned away too. Except…my eye, I thought it was just too much blood but Delun looked at it and…it’s gone.

Dame Crimson is super creepy- she’s made from parts of people. She offered to give me someone else’s eye but, ewww, so gross. We’ll try to find a god of healing somewhere; I’m sure they can help me out. For now Blossom has made me a bandage/eyepatch thingy.

We headed back to Champoor and the others handed the lantern over to Corlon. He said that he should be able to get it over to Lytek without too much trouble but that we should stay out of heaven for a little while. Apparently there’s some sort of legal issue? I couldn’t face going myself- I don’t want Comet and Konda to see me like this.

Home in New Palanquin now and I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to hide what happened from Babi, but I’m damned if I’ll put up with her lectures. Urgh, this is so stupid, I should have just…I don’t know. This shouldn’t have happened. Had a chat with Maki who, is apparently a star-chosen of Travellers who has been sent to look after the circus whilst we’re out and about. He offered to teach me a way to use shouting as a weapon- sounds kinda cool; I remember when I was young the circus had a lady from Chiaroscuro who could shatter glass with her singing, so maybe it’s like that.

Met up with the Dragon Kings and we’ve decided that we’re going to hold a big party over Calibration (obviously!) and take the opportunity to unveil them to the rest of the city. They want to sell themselves as elemental dragons which I’m not super cool with, but I’m not in the mood to make a big fuss currently. Delun’s headed off to their old island so he can meditate on their way of war or something- we’ll have to fill him in once he gets back.

Uda's Diary Pt 3

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