Hauberk of Eternity

Appearance: a shirt formed of fine golden links. Woven into the gold is a silvery pattern of spirals and webs.

Attuning to the Hauberk of Eternity teaches the exalt some measure of what it means to be eternal. If they do not take a movement action on their turn, their soak is increased by 2 and their hardness by 1.

Unchanging Body

Cost: 4m. Requires: Essence 1
Type: Reflexive; Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: None

Sending essence surging through the silver threads of the hauberk, the Exalt diverts time around themselves. So long as the essence remains committed to this charm, the Exalt does not need to eat or sleep, and does not suffer from fatigue.

Safety in Stillness

Cost: . Requires: Essence 2
Type: ; Duration:
Prerequisites: Unchanging Body

Defers damage from a blow for a certain amount of time.

Wrapped in the Web

Cost: 10m . Requires: Essence 3
Type: Simple; Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: Safety in Stillness

With a simple action and 5 committed motes, the wearer stores their current physical state in the armour’s starmetal web. While the effect is active, tiny silver threads glint in the user’s anima. At any point the wearer can relinquish the commitment, restoring the health levels, fatigue, and overall health they had at the point this charm was activated. Crippling injuries go beyond the bounds of what this charm’s magic can accomplish, and will not be erased.

Hauberk of Eternity

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