Panoply of the Wardancer

Accuracy: +5 Damage: +10

Defence: +0 Overwhelming: 3

Attunement: 5

When a solar exalt attunes to the Panoply, they gain the ability to reflexively summon it from the bangles for 1 mote. As the Solar's anima grows the Panoply is empowered as the essence display around the bangles grows from subtle suggestions to solid orichalcum:

  • Burning: +1 non-charm success to Rush actions.
  • Bonfire/Iconic: +2 damage on Withering attacks.

If the dancer takes off the Panoply each piece of it reforms into the shape of a golden bird that takes to life and sings beautiful music to the sun. This grants the dancer 2 non-charm dice to any Performance roll made during daytime.

Single Drum Starts The Dance

Cost: 4m

Prerequisites: Essence 1

Type: Simple

Keywords: One Scene

The dancer clashes the bangles together, setting them ringing rhythmically. The beat pulses out, and the dancer settles into the rhythm – roll a Join Battle roll with (Dexterity + Performance), adding the Dancer's Essence as bonus successes. The dancer may choose every round which initiative to act on: their true value, or the beat. Initiative gained by withering attacks can only increase their true initiative value, not the beat.

Dancing to the beat strengthens it: every sequential round the dancer acts on the beat raises its initiative by one. When attacked the dancer can spend the beat’s Initiative to add to their Parry defence, spending 2 points of initiative per point of defence.

This charm ends if the dancer is Crashed, meaning they must activate it and build up the beat again.

Special Activation Rules: Single Drum Starts the Dance may be activated reflexively after the dancer successfully parries three or more attacks in the same round.

Dancer Leads Their Partner's Steps

Cost: 2m

Prerequisites: Essence 1

Type: Reflexive

Keywords: One Scene

When the wardancer chooses a partner to dance with, the rhythm itself protects their movements. The dancer chooses an ally within close range; they may reflexively move to stay within close range whenever that ally moves, and so long as they stay within close range the dancer can make reflexive Defend Other actions to protect their ally. Every time one of these actions succeeds the beat intensifies by one point. The dancer must drop commitment to this charm to defend a different character.

Ringing Steel Joins the Chorus

Cost: 4m

Prerequisites: Essence 2, Single Drum Starts the Dance

Type: Supplemental

Keywords: One Scene

As the dancer's limbs connect with an opponent, the rhythm surges through them and into the victim. This charm supplements a Brawl attack or Parry defense used with the Panoply: if the attack or parry is successful the rhythm is echoed through the victim's arms or armour. So long as the dancer commits motes to this charm the victim's Initiative functions as an additional beat for the purpose of choosing which tick to act on, and the victim suffers the following effects:

  • Their Parry defense is penalised by 1/10th (round up) of the Beat’s initiative
  • Their attempts to re-establish stealth are penalised by the current Initiative of the beat.
  • Whenever they gain Initiative, the beat intensifies by a point.

Like its prerequisite, this charm ends if the dancer is Crashed. Alternatively, the target can end the charm by casting aside the resounding item, using a draw/ready weapon action to discard a weapon or a number of miscellaneous Simple actions equal to the armour's mobility penalty +1 to remove a piece of apparel.

Dance Floor Demands A Rival

Cost: 3m

Prerequisites: Essence 3, Single Drum Starts the Dance

Type: Simple

Keywords: One Scene

The surging Essence of the dance pulls an opponent to the dancer, trapping them in a brutal rhythm. The dancer targets an opponent within medium range with a Charisma + Performance roll, adding a number of successes equal to their Essence. If this beats their target's Resolve, the target is drawn to the dancer: they must use their movement to close with the dancer until they are at close range, and cannot voluntarily move away from them.

Additionally, the dancer's new parter is one more instrument to be used in the dance of war. Every time the dancer clashes their attacks, the beat rises as in Single Drum Starts the Dance. Aditionally, the rival can only act on the Beat's current initiative, although their true initiative value is still used for the purposes of withering and decisive attacks and any abilities that rely on their position within the initiative order.

Drum of Battle Shakes the Sky

Cost: 12m, 1wp

Prerequisites: Essence 4, Dance Floor Demands a Rival, Ringing Steel Joins the Chorus

Type: Simple

Keywords: Decisive-only, Perilous, Instant

The beat ringing out across the battlefield quiets for a moment as it concentrates in the Panoply's bangles and anklets. After a moment of stillness the dancer claps their essence-shrouded hands together in a titanic blast of sound that shatters bones and levels buildings.

This charm may only be used when the beat is at 20+ initiative. Everything within short range is affected by the blast: trivial opponents and incidental scenery are obliterated, significant un-Exalted oppoenents and magical structures take (beat’s initiative x 2) dice of lethal damage, and Exalted heroes take (beat’s initiative) dice of lethal damage. Additionally, everyone within medium range (apart from the dancer) must succeed at a Difficulty 3 Stamina + Resistence roll or be defeaned for the rest of the scene. Following activation of this charm the beat drops to an initiative of -5, and will not provide any benefits until it becomes positive again.

Panoply of the Wardancer

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